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Pot Roast or Potjie? This Chicken Recipe Combines Both

Chicken Pot Roast Potjie

Sundays are always the best days to indulge in some slow cooking. There’s time to fuss about the kitchen or poke around some coals at leisure, which means more time for giving great food the preparation and cooking time it deserves. This luxury warrants the creation of something special…a slowly simmering potjie perhaps? Or what […]

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5 Best Game Day Snacks Part 3: Nachos

No blog series about game day snacks would be complete without nachos. An all time favourite and a staple bar diet around the world, this cheeky little guys are sure to delight. Be sure to serve with a chilli drop sauce (Bushman’s have a delicious range might we add) for those who want to spice […]

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5 Best Game Day Snacks Part 2: Spinach and Feta Quesadillas

Spinach and Feta Quesadillas

As promised, our second edition of our game day snacks blog series is here. We give South American food the attention is deserves (in line with what’s happening on the field of course) with our feta and spinach quesadillas. Not only delicious, but a great vegetarian option too. Don’t forget to give our other top […]

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5 Best Game Day Snacks for a Winning World Cup Final: Part 1

With the FIFA World Cup nearing its conclusion, what will you be eating on the day of the final? Will it be a packet of chips and store bought dip or something a bit more tantalising and fitting for a FIFA World Cup Final? I’ve created five simple but mouth watering recipes which can be […]

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We Try Harvest of Hope & Farm to Table Cooking

Although convenient, stopping by the grocery store to pick up ingredients for your favourite recipe creates a demand for all food produce, whether seasonal or not. In fact, we are rather spoiled for choice with the plentiful supply of both local and more exotic variations of fresh fruit and vegetables. The problem with this convenience […]

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Our Best Baby Shower Gifts

Thinking of unique gifts for that special occasion is always a challenge, even more so when it’s a baby shower. Cute baby grows in the respective blues and pinks, and mountains of wet wipes and baby powder are all very well, but what about a baby shower gift that helps mum and dad by treating […]

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Have an Irie Braai with Caribbean Jerk Chicken Pieces

Jerk originates from the Caribbean islands. It usually comes in the form of a sauce made from spring onions, pimento (allspice), scotch bonnet chillies, thyme, sugar and vinegar. It is generally quite a fiery sauce and is a staple part of any Caribbean diet. Eat.Art have created an authentic jerk spice that when used correctly […]

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A Taste of Coastal India with Goan Fish Curry

We had a group of people over for a dinner party the other night. I seldom make fish curries but everyone who joined us begged me to make something with seafood and I obliged. I used the Eat.Art Goan Fish Spice along with a couple other spices and the result was fantastic.     Serves […]

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Helping Out at the Haven for Madiba Day

For many South Africans, a warm and nutritious meal is a luxury that is not enjoyed everyday. The Flying Pan decided to change this for a few people, at least for a day, by cooking up a steaming pot of our homemade pea soup on Nelson Mandela Day. We used a similar recipe to the […]

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Dress to Impress: Thai Prawn Mussel Starter with Parma Ham Risotto Wraps for Mains

Delicious Delights for a Night In with Friends Sometimes we have the urge to splurge. It’s in our blood and I find the best way to go all out is to cook a seriously good meal for my friends. You could buy a new pair of jeans but they will only be enjoyed by you, […]

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