Helping Out at the Haven for Madiba Day

soupFor many South Africans, a warm and nutritious meal is a luxury that is not enjoyed everyday. The Flying Pan decided to change this for a few people, at least for a day, by cooking up a steaming pot of our homemade pea soup on Nelson Mandela Day. We used a similar recipe to the soup featured on our blog, proving that a cheap and cheerful meal really is possible.

We delivered the pot and some loaves of bread to the Haven Night Shelter, which was warmly recieved. We also realised that the time and money spent making the soup was small compared to the satisfaction that the Haven boarders were sure to get. After the succesful day, it was clear that lending a helping hand does not have to be reserved for a particular day. From this experience, The Flying Pan is looking forward to branching out to other shelters, charities and NPO’s in the future.


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