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Three Healthy Winter Foods to Include in Your Diet

Capetonians would have noticed that the winter chill has set in far earlier and more abruptly than expected, putting a sudden stop to sun-kissed meals on the balcony accompanied by a bottle of crisp white. Instead, we find ourselves retreating indoors, craving carb-heavy foods followed by a chocolate snack (thanks to the Easter Bunny). There’s […]


Top 5 Ingredients to Buy in Bulk

With the cost of living ever-increasing, it is becoming more important to make conscious money saving decision during your grocery shop. Fortunatly, there are a number of ingredients that we can incorporate into our everyday cooking that can save you a considerable amount of money. We’ve outlined our top five money saving bulk food items […]


My Culinary Journey: A Message from the Flying Pan Masterchef

A successful food business is so much more than ingredients, recipes and time spent in the kitchen. For me, The Flying Pan Master Chef, it’s about a single great idea, a passion for cooking and the desire to share my creations with those who appreciate good food. But an idea does not happen overnight and […]