Food delivery for your office made easy

We provide staff with fresh & healthy office lunches, to keep them happy, energized and motivated.

How it Works

  • Every week, we send you our office lunch menu, which has dedicated lunch items for every day of the week. We keep things fresh, healthy and varied with our rotating menu, ensuring your staff are energized and intrigued.
  • Place your orders by Thursday afternoon. Payments are made easy through a monthly account.
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the convenience of food delivery straight to your office.
office lunch


  • Help your team stay healthy and let us make good eating choices for your staff.
  • Avoid the post noon office slump that comes with greasy, high sugar lunches. Opt for energizing meals instead and boost afternoon productivity.
  • Make office lunch simple with our pre-ordered menu. This means no on the day ordering, payment hassles or deliveries to worry about.
  • Most importantly, keep office morale and employee engagement high. Sharing lunch time and chatting over a delicious meal stimulates a happy and collaborative work environment.

Sample Menu

Butter chicken with cauliflower rice and coriander
Roasted tomato, baby spinach, olive and chorizo penne
Prego chicken, grilled aubergine and rocket panini with a side fruit salad
Moroccan spiced vegetables, caramelized chickpea, and feta couscous salad
Chicken, butternut and mozzarella wrap with a side salad

R60 per person + VAT

Contact us

Need more information about our office lunches? Contact us with your query and we’ll be happy to help.